Getting Ready to Work: Summer & Beyond

If you are like me, you are starting to think about summer employment and/or what you are going to do for work after graduation. Here’s my handy guide to help you start your job hunt.

1) Visit SFU Career Services.  As an SFU student, you have access to this service up until 6 months after graduating. Fun things that you can do with Career Services include: joining a job hunting club, getting feedback on your résumé, and participating in practice interviews.

2) Register with WIL/Symplicity. While I disapprove of the gratuitous use of the letter Y in their name, Symplicity can be a good resource for hunting jobs. The key to getting things done with this system is to filter out volunteer opportunities when you browse. The WIL folks are hosting a Summer Career Fair on Thursday, March 24 at SFU Burnaby. Log in to the system for more details.

3) Join Twitter. Seriously? Seriously. Brenda and I have been finding tonnes of jobs posted in our Twitter feed. For optimal results, think about what kinds of businesses you want to work for. Make a list. Then, follow them on Twitter. Lots of businesses are posting their openings in their feeds, making their followers the first to know about opportunities. Check out @ugsid (that’s us!) to see other folks to follow (like @bcjobs, the job bank that tweets its positions).

4) As I have mentioned before, cruise the municipalities. Or, check out their amalgamated listings at If you enjoy working with children, the world is your oyster. Every municipality is hiring staff for day camps.

5) Jobs with SFU are updated weekly and can be here. There is also a temp pool at SFU that offers flexible work options that accommodate the student schedule.

6) Charity Village. It is like a more reputable version of Craigslist. When I find an organization that I like, but whose job openings don’t match with what I am looking for I see if the org has a mailing list, or a twitter account so I can be notified about other openings in the future.

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