City Jobs & Dialogues

Greetings, Alumni!

First and foremost, have you RSVP’d  for Engage yet? On March 21, SFU students will have a unique opportunity to participate in a dialogue to design an educational experience that empowers you. This is the event for every alumni who had difficulty reintegrating into normal classes after their Semester in Dialogue experience. Meaningful learning opportunities should not be exceptions in our university education, they should be the foundation. Engage is an opportunity to help build that foundation. To learn more, or to RSVP, email

Next, SFU Centre for Dialogue is now on Facebook. Like the page to stay up to date on all our events!

Finally, Check out this week’s job postings for positions with the City of Surrey, Langley, and Vancouver. A reminder for job hunters: municipal government websites (while they can be a disaster to search) are good places to find underpublicized openings. Especially as summer jobs open up!

Enjoy the posts 🙂


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