The Culture/s of Movement Building

March 4, 7:00 – 11:00
Rhizome Café, 317 East Broadway, Vancouver, Unceded Coast Salish Territories
Co-hosted by Streams of Justice
All-ages welcome! FREE! Childcare provided.

The Culture/s of Movement Building will be an evening of incredible performance including the screening of an excerpt of Strength, Survival, Sisterhood: Power of Women in the DTES as well as critical community conversations exploring both the role of creativity and culture in our organizing, and what contribution artists can make to movement.

Speakers/Artists include:

*Joan Morelli and Priscillia May of the Downtown Eastside Power of Women Group;

*Hari Malagayo Alluri of the Press Release Collective; and

*Omari Newton, Urban Ink Resident Artist

The evening will close with performances by up-and-coming youth hip-hop artists Kuyas United in Solidarity and others!!!

Event Speakers/Artist Bios

Joan Morelli has resided in Canada for over thirty years and has raised her children on limited wages. She has been a tireless activist, actor, and writer in the Downtown Eastside for approximately two decades.

Priscillia May from Witsuwit’en Territory. She is a single parent of one child and is an activist, artist, and volunteer in the Downtown Eastside.

The DowntownEastside Power of Women Group is a group of women from all walks of life who are either on social assistance, working poor, or homeless; but we are all living in extreme poverty. Our aim is to empower ourselves through our experiences and to raise awareness from our own perspectives about the social issues affecting the neighbourhood.

Hari Malagayo Alluri immigrated with family to South Van, Coast Salish Territories at the age of 12. He works with grassroots groups, facilitates anti-oppressive media arts empowerment programs for youth, and collaborates on creative work based in community and movement.

Press Release is a collective of movement poets. We first  came together out of a shared desire to bare witness to various forms of community resistance and building, initially producing a free zine and participating in opposition and critique of the Olympics on Unceded Coast Salish Territories. Mostly women and people of colour, the group continues to ask each other and our communities how to generate poetry, dialogue and vision without being co-opted by processes of cultural gentrification.

Omari Newton a Montreal-born professional actor whose work can be seen on television, film and stage. His stage work in Québec has earned him a number of favorable reviews and awards. Some career highlights include a best supporting actor nomination for his work in the Centaur Theatre’s production of Joe Penhal’s Blue Orange (soirée des masques). Now a resident of Vancouver, Omari is the writer of The Lamentable Tragedy Sal Capone, a hip-hop theatrical powerhouse that deals with the complex relationship between culturally minoritized youth and the police.
The Kuyas United in Solidarity is a hip-hop duo with roots from the Philippines and Cuba. Sol Diana and David Dennis are young emcees that rap on issues of injustice, race and community a from a working class perspective.

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