Vancouver Observer: Digital Marketing Consultant Training Opportunity

Interactive sales and marketing is one of the fasting growing job opportunities today.

Unfortunately, most jobs require extensive background and experience. So where do you get this experience?

The Vancouver Observer; the fastest growing online news media organization in Vancouver, will accept 5 training candidates that will learn the key skills of a digital marketing consultant.

Candidates that advance through the courses will then have the opportunity to “earn while they learn”. Advanced candidates will receive commissions on any business that they close with local advertisers.

Skills you’ll learn by doing:

•      Create integrated marketing solutions for local business

•      Creating proposals & uncovering client need

•      Closing new business

•      How to prepare for a sales call

•      Overcoming common objections

•      Experience in combining online, mobile, video, event, social, etc

•      SEO, blogging, online video, mobile

Vancouver Observer will provide professional training and tools as well as hands-on experience in this Media Marketing and Interactive Sales internship program

Upon completion of this program, participants become eligible for full-time or part-time position as digital marketing consultant with the Vancouver Observer.

Number of Positions: 5
Starting Date: Immediately

To apply for a position, contact:

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