DreamCatcher Mentoring is Recruiting Volunteers!

DreamCatcher Mentoring (DCM) is now recruiting Canadians to volunteer as mentors for its 2011 e-mentoring program. DCM is an e-mentoring program that connects Yukon and Nunavut high school students with Canadian mentors around the world. Since 2005, DCM has matched over 650 Grade 9-12 Yukon and Nunavut students representing 14 schools with mentors working in their aspired ‘dream careers’.

The DCM program was created to address the increasing drop-out rates from high schools in the north. The staff at DCM believes that a tailored, one-on-one e-mentoring program will educate students to learn more about their career path and empower them to realize the rewards of staying in school. For most students, DCM provides an opportunity to interact with a professional working in their aspired career that they would otherwise never have the chance to communicate with, especially for students living in rural communities.

DreamCatcher Mentoring is looking for mentors from all fields and sectors to mentor high school students in Canada’s North. Mentors are required to post messages to their mentees 2-3 times per week, committing about 15 to 30 mins per week. Mentorships typically last 3-4 months either between October to January, or March to June each year.

If you’re interested in being a Mentor for DreamCatcher Mentoring, please register at: www.dreamcatchermentoring.ca. Once registered, if DreamCatcher Mentoring determines that there is a student who shares the same career interests that fits with your profession or area of expertise, we will be in touch about the next steps in our process sometime between now and March 2011.

To register or learn more, click here to download the information fact sheet and brochure.

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