Peace it Together: Job Opportunities

Summer Program Director / Film Production Manager

Job Purpose and Link to Mission

Peace it Together brings opposing groups of youth together to engage in meaningful and constructive dialogue while they co-create short films that can be used as peace-building tools throughout the world. We are currently preparing for our third dialogue and filmmaking program and we aim to have our program become a widely adopted peace-building model in circumstances of conflict or friction throughout the world.

Our next program (July 7-August 4, 2011) will bring together 10 Palestinian, 10 Israeli and 10 Canadian university students (ages 20-26) to Pemberton and to the University of British Columbia. After some intense dialogue and relationship building, they will co-create short films about the conflict. We will then work with the youths to build peace in their communities and use the films they made as educational tools throughout the world.

The Summer Program Director will be responsible for coordinating and managing all logistical aspects of the dialogue and filmmaking program and will play an imperative role in fulfilling Peace it Together’s mission of empowering youth to build peace through dialogue, filmmaking and multimedia.

Key Tasks

There is both an administrative role related to the registration of participants, hiring of staff and volunteers, and coordinating logistics, and a program delivery role. Reporting to the Executive Director and supported by the Programs and Communications Assistant and 1-2 volunteer assistants during the summer program, key tasks will include:

Administrative / Planning

  • With direction from ED and assistance from other staff and volunteers, recruit, select, register, orient, and evaluate Canadian participants.
  • Ensure all participant files are current.
  • Assist in the recruiting, hiring, training, and evaluation of film mentors and other volunteers and staff.
  • Along with the Facilitation Director, contribute to strategic planning and curriculum of camp activities and events.
  • Determine the requirements and best delivery of meals for the program and make arrangements, including seeking in-kind donations wherever possible.
  • Work with Technical Director to ensure all filming equipment is in place (including securing additional equipment donations, loans if necessary)
  • Make arrangements for sound production for films
  • Make arrangement with potential actors, props and costume providers.
  • Liaise with UBC to scout and arrange for filming locations.
  • Make arrangements for transportation needs during the program.

Program Delivery

  • Oversee and provide leadership for the day to day camp operations: this includes communications with task managers, (e.g. Kitchen chef and staff, film and dialogue leaders, facility owners, and delegations leaders)
  • Ensure that each venue is set up, cleaned up, and maintained through out the program and the adequate assistance is in place.
  • Provide logistical support to the film team on and off site (e.g. scout, find, and obtain permits for filming locations when needed, obtain props, costumes, actors where needed.)
  • Provide logistical support to facilitation team on and off site (arrange transportation to and from activities where necessary, provide equipment and supplies where needed.)
  • liase with senior staff (Facilitation Leader, film mentors, Regional Coordinators) to check in about needs/problems that intersect both dialogue and film activities.
  • Oversee that timing and logistics run smoothly (i.e. ensuring staff, volunteer and participants arrive promptly attend events)
  • Arrange for transportation to and from shooting sites and recreational activities.
  • Maintain (daily) communication with venue administration, maintenance, and food service providers, ensuring achievement of short and long-term quality standards.
  • Ensure recommended practices, risk protocols and other related standards are being met or exceeded.
  • Respond accordingly to any emergencies that arise, and implement appropriate solutions.
  • Exercise authority in enforcing all program regulations.


  • At least one year experience in film production (preferably in an educational setting)
  • Excellent managerial and communication skills
  • Energetic and passionate
  • Well organized, attention to detail
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment and under tight deadlines
  • Experience in Project Management and/or event planning
  • Comfortable working in a multi-cultural environment
  • Ability to solicit in-kind donations (from film industry or other)

Time Commitment and term of contract

  • Beginning as soon as possible, work an average of 25 hours/month until the summer program.
  • Work 6 days/week for the duration of the summer program July 7-August 4, 2011.
  • This is a contract position and will end at the end of the summer program.


  • Pay will be a minimum of $6,000 for the total contract. (Additional funds may be available but is not guaranteed at this point).
  • In addition you will be expected to live on location for some or all of the summer program and you will be provided with room and board at no charge.
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