Editorial Production Coordinator: David Suzuki Foundation

Position Title: Editorial Production Coordinator, Communications

Position Type: Full-Time, 1 year contract

Application Deadline: Feb 20, 2011

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Finding Solutions — editor and project manager

  • Decide on story ideas and assign writers.
  • Source graphics and photos for each story.
  • Do substantive edits, copy edits, and proofreading edits of all submitted stories.
  • Liaise with the designer for corrections and graphic design decisions.
  • Ensure accuracy by fact-checking with appropriate members of staff.
  • Coordinate the print run of the newsletter, as well as supportive materials such as address data, envelope, reply forms, business reply envelopes, buckslips, etc.
  • Coordinate the mailout to donors.

eNewsletters — lead writer

  • Write all emails to our list of Nature Challenge subscribers (approximately 80,000 people), including fundraising emails.
  • Liaise with Communications Specialists on subject, content, and editing of all emails.
  • Write supporting web pages for eNewsletters as needed.
  • Assist the Web Strategy Coordinator with sourcing photos.

Website — co-coordinator

  • Edit all text of online postings to optimize their access via search engines and ensure they can be scanned electronically and easily understood by targeted audiences.
  • Write new copy when needed.
  • Work with Web Coordinator to decide on appropriate content, format and graphics.

Print publications — project manager on ad-hoc basis

  • Write copy for advertisements, annual report, posters, banners, brochures, etc.
  • Coordinate edits and fact-checking.
  • Coordinate photo sourcing and design.
  • Liaise with printers and designers.


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