Curriculum Coordinator Summer Position

Curriculum Coordinator
Contract Dates: July 11th to Aug 18th, 2011
(plus 2 additional days for online planning sessions in late April/early May. Dates TBD)
The Pearson Seminar on Youth Leadership is an innovative experiential education program that challenges young people, from Canada and around the world, to look at leadership concepts in the context of social justice and environmental responsibility. 100 youth, aged 15-18, will live and learn together on the campus of Lester B. Pearson College of the Pacific. PSYL consists of a dynamic program of workshops, simulations, guest speakers, recreational activities and overnight expeditions. The program offers a skills-based learning model and explores key issues of ecological sustainability, social justice, and international understanding.

Position Summary:
Five Curriculum Coordinators, one Program Assistant, and the Program Director will work as a team, along with several guest presenters, to develop and implement the Pearson Seminar on Youth Leadership. The seminar is an intense community experience with long days. It is highly demanding and phenomenally rewarding.

General Responsibilities for Curriculum Coordinators Include:
• Assist the delivery team in planning and implementing the seminar
• Work within a team to deliver activities, and facilitate learning sessions, discussions and feedback circles which are directly related to leadership skill acquisition
• Implement and develop a complete assessment and evaluation plan for participants
• Assist with visiting speakers and workshop leaders
• Assist with the planning and implementation of the facilitator’s training and orientation; support the facilitators during the program
• Supervise an on-site residence for the duration of the contract, and assisting in campus duties on a day-to-day basis

for more information see:
• Experience with staff supervision and the direct leadership of young adults (ages 15-18) in outdoor recreation/educational setting
• Familiarity with experiential educational techniques, and education in a residential setting
• Knowledge and educational experience in areas of social justice, ecological sustainability, peace, and international understanding.
• Teaching certification an asset
• First aid/CPR certification required
• Class 4 drivers license required
• A successful “Criminal Record Search” required

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